Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery will take 3 to 5 business days, normally your parcel will be delivered within 4 days. Shipping is done by USPS , we will supply different tracking tools to follow your parcel. For questions about your parcel you are free to contact us or USPS.

We Guarantee delivery, our tools will show where your parcel is, we will reship your parcel automatically if not delivered in time. (unless USPS ogive legit delay reasons, weather conditions could be a major reason) No matter what happens, we will deliver your order. Reships will be done after 15 Business days unless your parcel shows new updates or in case of Weather delays.

All our products/brands are the official and original products/brands. All products/brands are tested daily and you will receive the original blisters. These products/brands are safely and discretely shipped in envelopes.

Once you finished your order ,you will receive email how to process the payment or you choose paypal as a method of payment then you will receive invoice on your email. Once you paid your order it can take some time to show but the order will change to *PROCESSING*, in this case, your parcel is packed and shipped, your tracking code will be in your mailbox within 12 hours, in a weekend it can take 24 hours.